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Secure Your Business with Fortigate NGFWS

NEWS, EVENTS Wednesday, 16 November 2022
Secure Your Business with Fortigate NGFWS

Last October, myPassword held an event with the theme “Build Secure Hybrid IT with Fortigate NGFWS”, this event was held in collaboration with Fortinet and Vstecs which was shown to our customers who are very enthusiastic about following the latest developments in Fortinet technology. This event was opened by Rahmat Lukito, the Business Manager of PT Password Solusi Sistem, where he started the opening by discussing the development of the required security system. Furthermore, the main event was started by Bella Nurhasanah, Fortinet Indonesia's Security Consultant, who discussed Fortinet's superior products in building a security system for company systems called "Fortigate NGFWS".

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NGFWS stands for “Next-Generation Firewalls” which functions to filter network traffic to protect the organization from internal and external threats, NGFW also has deeper content inspection capabilities such as providing the ability to identify attacks, malware, and other threats, as well as enabling to block the threat.

NGFW not only blocks malware but also include a pathway for future updates and provides the flexibility to evolve with the threat field and keep the network secure as new threats emerge. This product is an important component in implementing network security.

Fortigate NFGWs are network firewalls that are supported by custom-built security processing units (SPUs) and the latest NP7 (Network Processor 7) that enable security-driven networking and are ideal network firewalls for hybrid and hyperscale data centers.


Fortinet NGFWs are an affordable solution as Fortinet reduces cost and complexity on point products and consolidates industry-leading security capabilities such as:

  1. Check “Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)” including latest TLS1.3
  2. Web filtering
  3. Intrusion prevention system (IPS) to provide full visibility and protect all layers

This product uniquely meets the performance needs of hyperscale and hybrid IT architectures, and enables organizations to deliver optimal user experiences, and manage security risks for greater business continuity.

In addition, Fortigate can also check traffic at hyperscale when entering and leaving the network. These checks are carried out with unmatched speed, scale, and performance to ensure that only authorized traffic is allowed, but they do not degrade the user experience or create detrimental downtime for the company.

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