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Joint Planning Session PT Clipan Finance Indonesia Tbk

EVENTS Friday, 07 July 2023
Joint Planning Session PT Clipan Finance Indonesia Tbk

On July 7, 2023, myPassword held a Joint Planning Session (JPS) activity with PT Clipan Finance Indonesia and HPE with the main theme "Maximize Backup Recovery and Performance for Unmatched Productivity". This event was held, of course, with the intent and purpose of jointly finding the latest solutions and updates, which can later be used to support better scalability in the previous IT infrastructure of PT Clipan Finance Indonesia. It is hoped that in the future, this event will be able to maintain even better relations and collaboration between myPasword and PT Clipan Finance Indonesia.

The event was opened with remarks by Mr. Hendriyanto Suhandi, Director of PT Password Solusi Sistem, and Mr. Roni Gunawan, Account Manager for HPE Indonesia. At this event, he brought material related to Superdome Flex.
The core material related to Superdome Flex is presented by discussing how HPE Superdome Flex is a very powerful and flexible server solution. Superdome Flex is designed to grow with business needs. If a company's business grows and requires more computing power, they can easily add it without having to replace entire servers. So, Superdome Flex allows companies to start small and grow as needed. Superdome Flex, also designed to be very reliable and secure, is, of course, also suitable for virtualization technology, which allows running multiple operating systems or applications on one server simultaneously. This can help reduce costs and increase the use of computing resources.
In view of the future, this event is expected to be the starting point for a stronger and more productive synergy between myPassword and PT Clipan Finance Indonesia. The collaboration between the two companies will be a key driver in facing future technological challenges and maximizing business potential.

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