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Joint Planning Session bersama PT Clipan Finance Indonesia Tbk

EVENTS Friday, 19 August 2022
Joint Planning Session bersama PT Clipan Finance Indonesia Tbk

Jakarta, 22 April 2022 Joint Planning Session (JPS) is an event that was arranged by PT Password Solusi Sistem and Hewlett Packard Enterprise to find the perfect solutions that PT Clipan Finance Indonesia Tbk needed as our customer. This event was started by Imam Zaneuri, the Consultant Manager of PT Password Solusi Sistem, where he talked about the latest technological development, along with common issues related to server application in several companies. The event was continued by Roni Gunawan, the Account Manager from HPE Indonesia, where he discussed about industrial development that is now digitally transformed. Yanni Sukaimi Hendra, the IT Head Division from PT Clipan Finance Indonesia Tbk. also attended the event to deliver some of the company’s needs and strategies to improve their business with modern technological development. PT Clipan needed a solution to upgrade the Data Center Modernization from myPasword and HPE. Kevin Franz, the Storage Specialist from HPE Indonesia, explained some solutions that PT Clipan needed from their recommended products, which are HPE Alletra 6000 and HPE Alletra 9000.

The development of an increasingly modern era makes customers experience changes, and the most significant changes is in the HPE storage section, which is the new Data Center Cloud Console that is optimized to work with Alletra, and available for use with Nimble and Primera to provide a common SaaS-based control planes. HPE also designed the Data Services Cloud Console to offer an operational model, such as a public cloud with high demand from customers for their on-premises storage infrastructure. After the user installs the hardware, they will be connected to the console cloud to do the configuration system. There is a difference between HPE Alletra, HPE Nimble Storage and HPE Primera. HPE Alletra was designed from the DNA of HPE Nimble Storage and HPE Primera, but strengthened by cloud experience-based settings and controls, where users can manage on-premises-based infrastructure with cloud flexibility, in both traditional and modern infrastructure.

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