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Infrastructure Engineer

Job Responsibilities:

  1. Accompany the sales team, product presentation, and topology for the client.
  2. Make topology and scientific work on topics around IT Solutions.
  3. Maintain and establish good relationships with clients.
  4. Implement the product or system to the client according to the current project.
  5. Conduct training for clients after the product/system is installed before airing.
  6. As a representative for products or after-sales services provided to clients.
  7. Make regular maintenance visits to clients about the products and systems implemented.
  8. As IT Support in the company's internal implementation.

Job Requirement:

  1. Men aged 26-36 years
  2. D3 / S1 education (computer / telecommunications engineering)
  3. Experience as Infrastructure Engineers min.2 year
  4. Mastering Server & Storage, Vmware, Nutanix, ERP, 3PAR, etc
  5. Have good work ethics, honest, proactive, good health, motivation to learn and develop


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Sales Account Manager

Job Responsibilities:

  1. Handle existing accounts and look for new accounts.
  2. Introducing the brand company to the client.
  3. Networking:
    - Establish relationships looking for new clients and maintain good relations with existing clients.
  4. Customer Database:
    - Creating and managing a good customer database PIC and client future needs tailored to IT Solutions owned by the company.
  5. Pipe Line & Tender:
    - Conduct client visits and introduce companies.
    - Creatively provide promo offers and win-win solutions to clients.
    - Prepare proposals & contracts
    - Create a new pipeline
    - Participate in tenders held by clients and offer the best deals to win tender.
    - Provide high standard customer service and experience working with the company My Password well.
    - Meet monthly / annual sales targets.

Job Requirement:

  1. Attractive looking man max-age 30 years
  2. Education min. D3
  3. Min 1 year experience with industry IT solutions for manufacturing
  4. Preferably have a database/client list account
  5. Goal-oriented in achieving targets.
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